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The crooked trail

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March 02, 2005 08:57AM
Satalite pictures posted on this site have documented the absence of J1299 prior to the Willow fire. Local property owners verify this fact as well. As a witness to the burning of J1299 during and after the fire closure, I can testify to this and even positivly identify an individual responsible for this act.

"Off road motorcycling through that area is having an adverse impact on archeological sites that are tremendously important" Sally Cunkelman, BLM archeologist quoted in LA Times 3/25/2004

"We have determined in the last six weeks that it is not open for off road use" Roxie Trost, BLM Barstow Field Manager, quoted in LA Times 3/25/04

"Motorcyclists ought to stay off J1299, given it was never officially designated for off road use" Harold Johnson, BLM Recreational Manager, quoted in LA Times 3/25/04

I recently witnessed Mike Castro showing J1299 to some of his motorcycle riding buddies in defiance of the law. Here is what some of them had to say in the same article.

" I can see this evolving into a ground war, which is where it maybe needs to go" former OHV volunteer Ty Davis, quoted in LA Times 3/25/04

"The enviormentalists have all kinds of money, dwell on closing the land and want to fight in the courts.....If it was the old days, they wouldnt be so aggressive. In those days, people fought for their stuff. They just duked it out." former fire closure OHV volunteer Ty Davis, quoted in La Times 3/25/04

" Its a dangerous war out there" Ed Waldheim, CORVA president , quoted in LA Times 3/25/04 in refrence to reports of booby traps being found.

"The enviormentalists are angering motorcyclists, so now some people are cutting fences" Ty Davis, LA Times 3/25/04

The behavior of rouge OHV elements is out of control statewide and a grassroots movement of citizens is growing to combat the rampant plauge. Responsible OHV users are going to suffer due to the out of control behavior of the bad apples. Looks for tougher laws being enacted to include licensing all drivers of OHVs and registration plates to make owners identifiable. Violations of trespassing laws and vehicle codes being tied to driving records and insurance rates. Confiscation of vehicles mandatory for repeat offenders.

With tougher laws and better enforcement, the law complience rate will increase, preserving the popular sport of motorcycle riding for the law abiding public. The OHV community is responsible for thier actions.

The crooked trail

LaughingBear 986March 02, 2005 08:57AM

Re: The crooked trail

Steamboat 662March 03, 2005 08:05AM

Re: The crooked trail

Paul P. 690March 03, 2005 02:34PM

Re: The crooked trail

Rick 654March 03, 2005 03:02PM

Re: The crooked trail

LaughingBear 542March 03, 2005 04:31PM

vandalism to mojavegreen's fences?

katrina island 556March 03, 2005 04:33PM

Re: vandalism to mojavegreen's fences?

mojavegreen 637March 03, 2005 06:48PM

Re: vandalism to mojavegreen's fences?

Wizard 598March 03, 2005 09:39PM

Re: vandalism to mojavegreen's fences?

Paul P. 744March 04, 2005 06:31PM

Re: The crooked trail

LaughingBear 598March 03, 2005 04:48PM

Re: The crooked trail

LaughingBear 798March 03, 2005 07:16PM

Re: The crooked trail

Wizard 1123March 04, 2005 08:32PM

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