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Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

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March 03, 2005 06:52PM
It's all public record Katrina. Do your homework. I could name some of the Volunteers for you. Our coordinator is a woman named Jenny Wilder. My official title is "designated representive". That means I get to sign the letters that the group writes. We have a steering comittee and well as a board with officers that are elected. A set of by laws are on record and some of the other things required of a non profit organization apply as well. We make decisions by consensus and this is how democracy works on the local grassroots level. As you all know, "Laughing Bear's" name is Dave Van Voorhis. At a recent OHV grant meeting a Sacramento BLM employee stated he has seen my name on a lot of letterheads. But hey....this is what it takes to get things done and lobby for change.

What we really seek is responsible use of our public lands. I do believe there is something for everyone in Juniper Flats. No single user group should dominate a limited multiple use area. We are looking forward to working with the OHV groups like CORVA and the AMA to come up with a solution to our common problems. These OHV groups recognize the negative impact rough OHV elements are having on their sport. Ed Waldheim calls them "the knuckleheads" and supports enforcement of designated trails. This is common ground to build upon.

So....what is the name of Katrina's organization , who are their board members and what is the mission statement? What is your agenda Katrina?

Conference targets illegal off-roading

katrina island 1409February 25, 2005 01:26PM

Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

LaughingBear 656February 25, 2005 08:53PM

Off-road alliance favors designated riding areas

katrina island 660February 28, 2005 12:33PM

Considering New Ordinances, more enforcement

katrina island 615February 28, 2005 12:38PM

200 members?

katrina island 672February 28, 2005 12:50PM

Re: 200 members?

Paul P. 616February 28, 2005 04:38PM

Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

LaughingBear 695February 28, 2005 09:20PM

FOJF Officers and Board Members

katrina island 631March 01, 2005 01:08PM

Re: FOJF Officers and Board Members

mojavegreen 661March 01, 2005 07:45PM

Re: Mission statement

LaughingBear 601March 01, 2005 08:54PM

Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

LaughingBear 590March 01, 2005 09:14PM

FOJF Secret Board Members?

katrina island 547March 02, 2005 12:57AM

Re: FOJF Secret Board Members?

mojavegreen 619March 02, 2005 06:51AM

Re: FOJF Secret Board Members?

Steamboat 621March 02, 2005 06:52AM

Juniper Flats Microscopic Representation

katrina island 564March 02, 2005 10:50PM

Re: Juniper Flats Microscopic Representation

Steamboat 655March 03, 2005 08:21AM

if FOJF is incorporated?

katrina island 607March 03, 2005 05:21PM

Re: if FOJF is incorporated?

mojavegreen 584March 03, 2005 06:23PM

Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

LaughingBear 719March 03, 2005 06:52PM

What Is FOJF afraid of?

katrina island 570March 03, 2005 07:46PM

Re: What Is FOJF afraid of?

Wizard 582March 03, 2005 09:15PM

FOJF's secret public records?

katrina island 615March 04, 2005 01:27AM

Re: FOJF's secret public records?

Wizard 564March 04, 2005 10:31AM

Re: FOJF's secret public records?

Steamboat 618March 04, 2005 11:42AM

Re: Conference targets illegal off-roading

LaughingBear 636March 04, 2005 08:28AM


katrina island 614March 04, 2005 01:14PM


Wizard 1103March 04, 2005 08:23PM

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