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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Jobe Confesses

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February 11, 2005 12:23PM
Well, there you go again.
Misunderstanding hearsay as facts.
I advised my son to allow you to hang yourself. To not get too upset about people like you. He said it wasn't Castro but that german guy with the little girls. I wonder who that could be. He said the guy at the gate thought he was me.
My other son is a martial arts expert. And the next on down lives and works with me here. He played football all four years while in High school. Please do not mistake them for me. They all look just like me.
I never chased any one with a gun. The only time I have ever held a gun to any one was when I held some theives at gun point till the police arrived. Second offense, 10 years for those low lifes.
Those homo's were the one's who threatened me with the gun. I told him to go ahead and shoot me cause I do not want to live in a world where perverts can go about in their wikedness. The only threat I made was this. I said they had ten minuets to leave the springs or I would call police and have them arrested.
If that situation happens again I will just make a citizens arrest right then and there. No more mister nice guy with perverts.
Love your enemies, that is my religion. Arresting perverts will be how I show them I love them.
I never saw anyone at the shower. I had just arrived at the springs. I attempted to talk to Tan Jan but she was to up set by Queers she said at the springs. Not wanting to be brought down by her level of anger I left her and started to the pools. As I was passing the Az. pool a @10 year old girl asked me. "What are those men doing over there." As I looked across Deep creek I witnessed two perverts doing something I have never seen before.
I told her she should ask her parents. As she went to her Father I followed her. I explainded to him what was going on. He said "No problem senior. No immagration senior." So I went to another guy who had children down there. And said very loudly so the perverts could hear me. He said "he was a lover not a fighter." That was when I gave them their ten minuets. I told them they were lucky my children were not there. Because I would not have been merciful.
As long as you are not doing anything illegal or immoral you have nothing to fear from me neighbor.
How ever I can not conrol my all children all the time and can not effectualize every situation.
For that we should turn to our maker ;~)
PS for help with him my door is always open.

Jobe Confesses

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